Oceanside CA Real Estate Trends for Q2: 2022

by Jun 30, 2022

The steady rise of home values in Oceanside has been great for existing property owners, but it hasn’t been so great for first-time homebuyers. Oceanside ranked 248 out of 300 cities in WalletHub’s 2021’s Best & Worst Cities for First-Time Home Buyers.

This might concern you if you’re planning to get into Oceanside’s real estate market or if you just need to sell your property for personal reasons. Read more to learn what’s in store for real estate before determining the best option for a home sale.

Real Estate Trends in Oceanside, CA

According to this Oceanside report, it looks at some of the challenges facing Oceanside’s housing market.

Oceanside home prices in April 2022 were up 30.1% from last year, with a median price of $865K. Homes in Oceanside sell after nine days on the market compared to eight days last year. In April, 225 homes were sold, compared to 233 last year.

Oceanside has been reported to have fewer multi-family residential properties, which are typically more affordable than single-family homes. Oceanside’s coastal zip code 92054 also reported a higher median sale price than the rest of County. However, the median household income is still significantly lower. All these factors make Oceanside less appealing to first-time home buyers. 

Still, Oceanside’s real estate market is very competitive. Lots of homes get multiple offers, some with waived contingencies. Homes sell for about 5% above list price and go pending in around eight days.

Your Options in Selling Your Home in Oceanside, CA

Naturally, with a competitive real estate market, you might struggle with selling your Oceanside, CA home, especially when you’re doing it by yourself. Unless you have real estate expertise, it would be better to sell through an Oceanside real estate agent. Not only do they have the experience in selling a home, but they can negotiate for you so you can get the best price.

But what if you’re thinking, “But I want to sell my house fast in Oceanside, CA fast. How do I do that?” then selling through an agent may not be an option for you. Selling traditionally means your property could sit for months without any closure on a deal. This is because potential buyers have to go through lenders and prove that they have enough financing to buy the house. If the lender doesn’t approve the buyers’ application, then you have to look for another buyer.

Selling through a real estate agent also means extra charges. Not only would you have to pay the agent commissions, but you also have to handle closing costs, as well as any charges for repairs and improvements.

In this case, you might want to consider the option to sell your Oceanside house as-is to a cash home buyer. A trusted cash home buying company typically completes a transaction within a matter of days, compared to selling traditionally which could take months. You might not be able to get a higher value on your property, but you will be paid cash in full. That means you won’t have to pay any commission fees or other hidden charges.

Cash home buyers in Oceanside will typically buy the house in any condition, even if it’s in need of repair. This means you won’t have to spend on repairs and improvements. However, you still need to disclose any issues with the home to the buyer so that you won’t get into trouble later.

Sell Your Oceanside House for Cash — Fast!

Be sure to consider all your options when selling your house. Is it better to list with an agent or sell to a cash buyer? Both have pros and cons, but it mostly depends on the condition of your property and what you want from the sale.

If you choose to sell to a cash buyer, then look no further than Ignite Property Solutions LLC. We buy houses in Oceanside, CA using a simple, straightforward process that will give you the most reasonable value for your home. Just contact us, and we’ll give you a fair cash offer. We’ll then close at your chosen schedule.

Still have questions? Call us today at (760) 472-5566 to learn more about our process.

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