How to Sell Property Quickly and Efficiently in Oceanside

by Jun 15, 2022

When planning to sell your Oceanside home, there are several factors to think about. From hiring a real estate agent to staging your home, all of these can be stressful and overwhelming.

But what if you can’t afford the time and the money to sell the traditional way? Luckily, there are a few options you can turn to so you can sell your house fast in Oceanside, CA.

 Option #1: Sell Your Oceanside House As Is

If you sell a home as-is, the buyer gets the house exactly as it is, no repairs or upgrades required. Some sellers pay to stage their Oceanside homes and set aside extra money for upgrades to make their home look perfect, but selling the home as-is is faster and more cost-efficient.  You don’t even have to wait for repairs to be done before your Oceanside property is ready to be sold.

If you don’t fix your property up, you’ll save money up front, but an as-is listing could attract bargain-hungry buyers or investors. Depending on how hot your market is, you might not get a lot of interest if you’re selling your Oceanside home as-is. A property labeled “as-is” on the market can be a red flag to some buyers and make them think there’s something seriously wrong with the home they’re looking at.

The buyer will no doubt pay for a home inspection, and if they’re looking for a mortgage, most lenders won’t lend money until the home has no structural, safety, or health issues. Even if the buyer wants the home, the lender has to sign off before the Oceanside property can be sold.

Lastly, property listings posted as-is tend to be priced lower, since the buyer will probably have to do some extra work once they get the keys.

Option #2: Consider a Cash Home Offer in Oceanside

Someone who makes you a cash offer is offering to buy your home without you having to apply for a mortgage. They are usually referred to as cash home buyers with enough cash on their hands to cover the full purchase price. If you agree to the sale, the buyer just transfers the money to you.

Cash home sales in Oceanside have a lot of benefits. For one, it simplifies the entire process. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of the loan approval process since you don’t have to go through a lender.

It’s also much faster. It streamlines your selling timeline because of the lack of traditional requirements you need to fix moving forward. A typical cash home offer transaction can end in a matter of days. Sometimes, the cash home buyer will even let you choose when to close the sale.

Moreover, cash home buyers have a smaller chance of bailing on the deal, since they have the full amount upfront. If someone’s buying something on a loan, which is usually the case with traditional Oceanside home sales, there’s always a chance that their application will be denied. No financing, no purchase.

Selling via cash home buyer has its downsides, too. You’ll probably get less money for your Oceanside home if you sell it for cash, especially pre-listing. Because cash is easier, you usually get lower offers.

Additionally, when you go through the traditional listing process, you’re more likely to get multiple competing offers. Borrowers might also be able to afford a higher offer due to loan assistance.

Lastly, the cash home buying industry can be a magnet for scams. Many people looking for a quick cash sale are in financial trouble, so scammers might try to take advantage of their desperation by paying far less for an Oceanside home. Check to see if your cash home buying contact has a legitimate website with real testimonials before trusting them with the sale of your home.

Just like selling through the traditional process, trying to sell your home quickly and efficiently is not always easy. You may be trying to save time and money, but also think about the long-term effects of the sale. Be prepared that you might have to sell your Oceanside home for lower than its market value. But if the quick sale is worth the time and the money saved, then it will be worth it in the end.

Talk to a Trusted Cash Home Buyer Today

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Selling a home can be a time-consuming and discouraging process, one that many homeowners don’t want to deal with. At Ignite Property Solutions, we make the process easy so you can make a profit quickly. The best part is that you get your cash right away — no deductions from commissions or repairs.

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