5 Things You Should Do To Sell Your House Fast In Oceanside CA

by Oct 16, 2023

You might have to sell your house for a variety of reasons, but once you’ve decided to sell, of course you’d want to sell as quickly as possible in Oceanside, CA. This can be quite challenging, especially if it’s your first time selling a property in Oceanside, CA. Before potential buyers can see your house, they need to know that it’s there and ready to be bought. So here are a few marketing practices that can help sell your house fast in Oceanside, CA.

Have an Appropriate Asking Price

The most effective way to sell your house fast is to put it on the market at a fair asking price. Invest time and effort researching recent comparable sales in the immediate area around the home. Make sure you consider the elements of the house, whether it has a pool or access to a body of water or canal, its year of construction, and its proximity to shopping plazas, supermarkets, or other local attractions.

After doing your research, settle on a fair and reasonable asking price by basing it on similar properties that have sold recently — in the past six months, if possible. If you can’t find any recent comparable sales in the area, then look to other properties nearby and adjust your value accordingly based on the unique features that your house has compared to others. It’s important to avoid overpricing or undervaluing when you sell as this could result in turning away potential offers. An excessively high ask might suggest to buyers that you’re not really motivated to sell, while too low of an offer may subconsciously say there must be something wrong with the property itself.

Make Aesthetic Improvements

If you wish to sell your house fast, improving it both aesthetically and functionally is key. Buyers should feel like the property could be their own home. Imagine walking into your own “dream house” and then consider the features that would help improve your sales. It can be something simple like changing the wallpapers or improving the decor, or something grand like throwing in updated entertainment systems. And while something like a custom bar outside might seem frivolous, buyers will often pay more for a house they can really fall in love with.


Remember not to go overboard with the improvements to avoid making potential buyers feel uncomfortable. You still want to let them imagine for themselves and think of the many scenarios they can experience if they owned the property.

Start Hosting Open Houses

By hosting an open house, you maximize your chances to sell the house fast. This attracts local real estate professionals whose clients might be interested in purchasing the home. Remember that if an agent is out looking at properties with their client, it means that they are already pre-approved for a loan and ready to buy! While other attendees may not have received loan approval yet or might not even qualify for one; nevertheless, they’re still potential customers.

Expand your Network

Having a group of people or a community to inform will prove advantageous in the long run in your house sale. An investor who flips properties would likely have a network of related professionals, such as pool cleaners or inspectors. These people already have access to many potential customers through word-of-mouth and could mention your property to them. Even if you’re not an investor, tell your friends and family that your house is on the market — this will help spread the news. You can also try joining Facebook Groups or other online communities to boost your network. 

Prepare a Pro-forma

Investors interested in your property will find a pro-forma helpful in making their decisions. This is especially true for multi-family residences, as the return on investment is key when weighing purchasing options. Streamline your pitching process by doing research on rental amounts in the area ahead of time — this way, you can provide potential investors with concrete numbers to support your proposed rental rate before you sell.

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